DIY 樹脂滴膠花品成功制作要點以及保養冷知識? 新手必要學起來!

DIY 樹脂滴膠花品成功制作要點以及保養冷知識? 新手必要學起來!


  1. 如果樹脂滴膠已經固化,我們可使用熱毛巾處理,等待滴膠軟化后,就可以輕易將其去除。
  2. 如果樹脂滴膠還沒有完全乾透, 我們可使用普通的酒精擦在有滴膠的部位,等待酒精將滴膠分解后,再使用濕布將其擦去,或者直接使用沾有酒精的棉簽不斷擦拭滴膠,將其清理掉。


  1. 使用小牙籤穿破氣泡
  2. 使用熱風槍吹走氣泡


  1. 請遠離寵物及6歲以下兒童
  2. 保持空氣流通
  3. 避免接觸眼睛及皮膚,如制作大面積作品時可配戴手套及口罩
  4. 請放在陰涼處, 若在陽光之下,這會令固化滴膠轉黃。



  1. 大家可以使用乾淨的溫水清洗,使用溫水進行清洗能夠有效的清洗乾淨,然後擦乾放在乾燥的環境中存放起來,這樣保存不容易滋生細菌。
  2. 不要使用肥皂清洗, 滴膠的區域有機會脫離玻璃面。
  3. 滴膠產品不能暴曬於陽光之下,因紫外線會加快滴膠轉黃。請放在陰涼處/室內, 這樣可以令產品更耐放, 更有效延長轉黃的時間


DIY epoxy resin product and care tips? Newbies must learn!

How to eliminate epoxy resin bubbles?

  1. Use a small toothpick to get rid of the bubbles
  2. Use a heat gun to blow away the bubbles

How to remove excess resin drops?

  1. If the resin drops have dried, we can use a hot towel to soften resin drops before they can be easily removed.
  2. If the resin drop has not completely dried, we can use ordinary alcohol to wipe on the part with the resin drop, wait for the alcohol to decompose the resin drop, and then use a damp cloth to wipe it off, or directly use a cotton swab stained with alcohol to continuously wipe the glue drop to clean it off.

Safe Instructions about Resin Production

  1. Keep away from pets and children under 6 years old
  2. Keep air circulating
  3. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, such as wearing gloves and masks when making large-scale works
  4. Keep in a cool place, if in the sun, this will cause the cured drops to turn yellow.

Useful care tips about resin products

  1. You can use clean warm water to clean, and then dry and store in a dry environment, so that it is not easy to breed bacteria.
  2. Do not use soap to wash, or the area of the dispensing resin may detach from the glass surface.
  3. Resin dispensing products should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because ultraviolet rays will accelerate the yellowing of resin dropping. Please keep it in a cool place/indoors, so that the resin product can be more resistant and prolong the yellowing time

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