Our Story

Our Brand and Vision:

One Flower was established in 2015 with a pioneering vision to blend traditional floral art with eternal flower art, painting, and other art genres. We applied various preserved flower techniques to become first innovation in HK with 3D elements and vibrant paintings, offering premium gifts, frame, music boxes and all that are both high quality and long lasting. Our philosophy is that only when you are truly happy can you spread to those around us.

Our vision is to spread happiness and help people create more warm and happy memories together.

Furthermore, using everlasting flowers to promote sustainable and eco-friendly floral art, cultural creation, and enriching floral art with creativity in life. Brand collaborations included Cartier, Swire, and MTR


Our core services are: 

  • Premium customised Floral Gift Design 
  • Wellness Therapy Workshop & Courses (Floral & Scented Candles)
  • Floral Table Decorations

Our Story:

One Flower was created by two sisters who have personalities that are day-and-night, but they both have one common interest – design. They are both talented painters and have received numerous awards. In the past, they found ourselves getting bored easily in our personal and work lives, but one summer when they learned floral art together, they realized that when they started to pay attention to mind, body and soul and unlocked the door to everlasting joy. They have a belief that only when you are truly happy can you inspire happiness to those around you!

Every flower gift has a unique memory.... That's why it's named ONE FLOWER. They love preserved flowers as a perfect way to preserve happy memories and keep them joyful and warm. 


Our Founder:

Elaine is a marketing graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), she started her career as Product Sales Manager at a diversified portfolio of luxury brands in Hong Kong and Macau. A young talent as a painter, it was not long until Elaine started to find herself in the artistic world again. In 2014, Elaine received her certifications in Preserved Flowers, Lecrin Flowers and Press Flowers Design from Japan UDS and Mono Academy and Japan Lecrin Flower School. A year later, she co-founded One Flower Macau with her sister.

She enjoys doing yoga, painting and doing creative crafts of all kinds. She loves working with her team in cultivating artistic creations with use of various flowers and techniques. Her passion in design has led her to her mission of spreading love with flowers.


In the past, she has participated at various exhibitions, trade shows, and art workshops in Hong Kong and Macau. She has also curated numerous signature products and collaborated with organizations such as Macau Cultural & Creative Integrated Services Centre. Later she settled down in Hong Kong to continue her floral design journey and develop more collaborations with local brands.

Recent Recognitions:

  • Floral Brand of the Year HKMOB 香港花藝品牌年度大獎
  • GOOGLE REVIEWS with most top rankings in HK/Macau 香港澳門唯一取得最多5星評價花藝品牌
  • Acquired 8 international qualifications 獲取得8項國際專業資格
  • Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau Mentorship Program 澳門文化局導師計劃
  • Macau Daily Interview 澳門日報經濟版報道


Founder and Team Qualifications 2015-now:

  • Beijing 北京中赫時尚職業花藝師證書
  • Japan Universal Designers Academy (UDS) 
  • Japan Mono 保鮮花師資證書 
  • Japan Lecrin Flower 麗乾花師資證書 
  • Japan AUBE 保鮮花師資證書 
  • Korea IFDA 韓國保鮮花師資證書 
  • Korea Candle Craft Association 韓國蠟燭工藝協會 
  • CLAB Baking Candle 韓國烘焙蠟燭工藝協會 

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