Corporate Workshops

One Flower aims to promote mental wellness through floral therapy and scented candle workshops where everyone discovers their own oasis and enjoy the unique experience with peace of mind.

We offer a variety of therapeutic crafting workshops, that aim to promote peace and wellness. Also customize workshops and virtual class based on occasions.

Corporate Services:

  • Employee Wellness Workshop & Talk Series
  • Client Appreciation & Floral Experience
  • Club house/private club workshop
  • Product launch/Brand VIP Gifting


  • Glass Dome
  • Flower Frame
  • Herbarium Bottle
  • Scented Products
  • Festive Product (Xams Wreath/CNY Table Arrangement)

    Highlights of our clients and past events:

    Macau MGM x cMarket Art Camp

    Beyond Women Festival at WanChai Exhibition Centre:

    Mckinsey & Co. floral therapy workshops

    one flower  Workshops

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong United Colleage

    one flower corporate workshop

    one flower corporate Workshops

    Nealsyard International Brand X TeaCup Workshop

    China Overseas Holdings Limited

    Popular Workshops:

    Starry Preserved Flower Glass Dome Workshop

    This glowing flower dome with unique combinations of flowers is a great addition to have in any space. Participation will learn how to create their very own preserved flower dome with your choice of flowers under close guidiance of our artisans. 

    In the workshop, we will provide:
    • A variety of preserved flowers in different colors.
    • A high clarity glass dome with wooden base
    • Materials and tools required for assembly

    Other popular new workshops: 


    Why One Flower? 

    one flower corporate workshop

    Passionate Artisans have earned the following qualifications:

    • Japan Universal Designers Academy 2015
    • Japan MONO Preserved Flower Diploma 2016
    • Japan Lecrin Flower Diploma 2016
    • Beijing Cohim Florist Certification 2019
    • Korea Candle Craft Association 2021
    • Korea CLAB Baking Candle Artist 2021

    Whatsapp: (852) 61102804 / (853) 66385880
    Workshop Venue: Mongkok/WanChai (10-40pax)

    Look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to let us know the following:

    1. Purpose of the occasion (Team Bonding/Employee Wellness/Gifting)
    2. Number of participants (min.10 pax per class)
    3. Type of participants (employees/couple/parent with 1 kid)
    4. Budget per workshop (HKD320+ per pax)

    We will get back to you with a custom proposal in an email within 24 hours.