Preserved Flower Knowledge

Preserved Flower Gifts with minimal care

Preserved flower first launched in Paris in 1991 and then introduced to Japan. Preserved flowers are fresh flowers which are processed through a series of special procedures. It also has longer storage time for 2-3 years if the environment is kept dry. It is beautifully known as "external love"

Care Tips:

  1. Preserved flowers can last for years without water refill
  2. Preserved flowers and fresh flowers are both real flowers with natural and slight cracked petals
  3. Place preserved flowers near your bedroom or indoor. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight and near air conditoner
  4. Use soft brush to clear away some dust left on flowers.
  5. Use dehumidifier or hair dryer with lowest volume to reduce the moisture level of preserved flowers under humid weather. 

one flower preserved flower care tips