Horoscope Preserved Flower Glass Dome Peach Fuzz

Horoscope Preserved Flower Glass Dome Peach Fuzz

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2024 Pantone Color Horoscope Preserved Flower Glass Dome

  • Design Inspirations: Astrology is composed of four natural elements: water, fire, earth and wind, which represent the four seasons. Water sign represents spring, emphasizing on emotion; Fire sign represents summer, emphasizing on behavior; Earth sign represents autumn, representing pragmatism and stability; Wind sign represents winter, emphasizing on wisdom and communication.
  • Lucky Color: orange yellow 


  • Use of Flowers: Preserved Ecuadorian roses, garden roses, and different flower arrangements.
  • Design Specialty: By using the science of color, we have designed a unique lucky color for each star sign, and twisted a heart with aluminum wire to highlight the charm of each star sign.
  • Glass Dome Size: 23cm H x 15cm W
  • Box Size: 20cm L x 20cm W x 27cm H
  • Occasion: Birthday; Grand Opening Floral Arrangement
  • Care: Keep it dry and out of direct sunlight to preserve it for 1-2years or more.
  • Remarks: The flower stand is handmade with a high-end gift box and quality is carefully handled by a certified florist.

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