Preserved Flower Frame - Imprint precious memories Red

Preserved Flower Frame - Imprint precious memories Red

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Premium Customized Preserved Flower Frame - Imprint precious memories

  • Design Inspirations: Let this frame imprint precious memories. Remind yourself of special moments.
  • Materials: Flowers are fresh flowers which are processed through a series of special procedures and kept for 1-2 years. It is beautifully known as "external love"
  • Applications: wedding flowers, anniversaries, anniversaries, opening gifts, promotion/retirement gifts
  • Frame size: 25cm H x 45cm W
  • Photos: 4R~5R 
  • Care Tips: Preserved flowers has longer storage time for 1-2 years if the environment is kept dry.


  • The photo is for reference only.
  • Please provide below the information
    • One photo (more than 1MB pixels); Please forward the photo to our e-mail address.
    • Main Flower color tone: greenish/purple/pink
  • Production time: 2 weeks upon the design is confirmed.