Gift Services

We offer a variety of themed crafting gifts based on occasions.

Corporate I Brand Custom Services:

  • Guest Speakers Gift services
  • Client Appreciation Gifts
  • Company Anniversary Gifts
  • Employee Gift Coupon
  • Table Arrangement


  • Glass Dome
  • Flower Frame
  • Flower Box
  • Vase Arrangement
  • Scented Products (Candle/Diffuser)
  • Festive Product (Xams Wreath/CNY Table Arrangement)

    Highlights of our clients and past events:

    Macau MGM x cMarket Art Camp

    Beyond Women Festival at WanChai Exhibition Centre:

    Mckinsey & Co. floral therapy workshops

    one flower  Workshops

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong United Colleage

    one flower corporate workshop

    Nealsyard International Brand X TeaCup Workshop

    China Overseas Holdings Limited


    Corporate Mother's Day Event

    Swire Coca cola 

    Bulgari x New Perfume VIP Event

    Prada Staff engagement Program

    Tiffany table arrangement dinner 

    Cartier VIP Shop Gifts

    MTR Louder x Yi O Farm Exclusive Gift

    Why One Flower? 

    Recent Recognitions:

    • HK Floral Brand of the Year HKMOB 香港花藝品牌年度大獎
    • HK Top 100 Award Floral Brand 新城財經台
    • GOOGLE 5-star rated floral shop
    • Acquired 8 international qualifications 獲取得8項國際專業資格
    • Interview press at HSBC Business Go
    • Hong Kong Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau Mentorship Program 澳門文化局導師計劃
    • Macau Daily Interview 澳門日報經濟版報道

    Passionate Artisans have earned the following qualifications:

    • Beijing 北京中赫時尚職業花藝師證書
    • Japan Universal Designers Academy (UDS) 
    • Japan Mono 保鮮花師資證書 
    • Japan Lecrin Flower 麗乾花師資證書 
    • Japan AUBE 保鮮花師資證書 
    • Korea IFDA 韓國保鮮花師資證書 
    • Korea Candle Craft Association 韓國蠟燭工藝協會 
    • Korea CLAB Baking Candle 韓國烘焙蠟燭工藝協會
    • London Catherine Muller Floral Diploma  

    Whatsapp: (852) 91435145 / (853) 63206363
    Flower School Centre: Lai Chi Kok CEO Tower (4m height, window light, decent lobby) Delivery available in Macau & HK.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to let us know the following:

    1. Purpose of the occasion: (Team Bonding/Employee Wellness/Anniversary Gifting)
    2. Qty: (10/20/30/50+)
    3. Target Audience profile (age/gender/parents/background)
    4. Customisation on names/color of flowers/shape?
    5. Delivery Requirement (sent to one place or by multiplace spaces)
    6. If you need additional floral decor,workshop, F&B, please state.

    We will get in touch with you for initial chat within 24 hours.